Welcome to Litigation Research Services.

As Litigation Research Services our ethos is cemented in building strong long term relationships. We have achieved this by providing a service that is structured to our client’s requirements and their objectives.

We have accomplished this by providing detailed, accurate and cost effective solutions to even the most complex situations and “thinking outside the box”. We appreciate the importance of attention to detail, whether it is an Enhanced Trace/Last Placement Trace or a multi person fraud case. We have the expertise and knowledge.

Where uncertainty is not an option

LRS specialise in 5 main areas

  • Enhanced Trace/Last Placement Tracing
  • Fit to sue reports
  • Asset location & recovery
  • Process Serving and Field work
  • Expert witness & brokerage – Legal Aid defence

This is not an exhaustive list and to date we have never been unable to fulfil our client’s instruction, whether it is UK or an International matter.  We have achieved this by providing our clients a bespoke service and building long term relationships with them.

Speak to us today and start enjoying the benefits of instructing LRS.

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Last Placement Tracing

Can often be misconstrued, we do not aim to replace any of your existing tracing procedures or outsourcing. Whether you use 1, 2, 3 or 4 separate trace agencies, you will always have a residue of “No Traces”. We simply provide a cost effective alternative to your “No Traces” to having the debt as a write off.

With a success rate of over 70 % on all our Last Placement Trace instructions we believe this is unmatched, even by first placement agencies